The UofT Go Club is committed to maintaining a collection of educational materials for the game of Go.
This is an ongoing project beginning in the 2012-2013 school year
All materials published on this page are available for UofT Go Club members to use.

Hard Copies

  • Sung-Rae, Kim: 21st Century New openings (2008)  [SL] [Available]
  • Bozulich, Richard: Get Strong at Handicap Go (1998)  [SL] [Available]
  • Power, John: Invincible - The Games of Shusaku (1982) [SL] [Available]


  • Baker, Karl: The Way to Go (1986) [SL]*
  • Chikun, Cho: All About Life and Death (1993) [SL]
  • Chikun, Cho: Go A Complete Introduction To The Game (1997) [SL]
  • Eio, Sakata: Killer of Go (1994) [SL]
  • Haruyama Isamu, Nagahara Yoshiaki: Basic Techniques of Go 2nd Ed. (1973) [SL]
  • Hideo, Otake: Opening Theory Made Easy (1992) [SL]
  • Iwamoto, Kaoru: Go for Beginners (1975) [SL]
  • Kageyama, Toshiro: Kage's Secret Chronicles of Handicap Go (1975) [SL]
  • Kajiwara, Takeo: The Direction of Play (1979) [SL]
  • Kim, Sung-Rae: Train Like a Pro (2005) [SL]
  • Matthews, Charles, Kim Seong-June: Shape up! (2003) [SL]*
  • Miyamoto, Naoki: The Breakthrough to Shodan (1976) [SL]
  • Nagahara, Yoshiaki: Strategic Concepts of Go (1972) [SL]
  • Ohira, Shuzo: Appreciating Famous Games (1977) [SL]
  • Qijing Shisanpian, the 13-Chapter Classic of Go (1050 A.D) [SL]*
  • Takagawa, Kaku: Vital Points of Go (1958) [SL]
  • Takemiya, Misaki: Enclosure Josekis - The Book (1983) [SL]
  • Sakai, Michiharu: How to Play Against the Stronger Player (2001) [SL]*
  • Wilcox, Bruce: EZ-Go (1996) [SL]
  • Yoshinori, Kano: Graded Go Problems for Beginners (1985-90) [SL]
  • Yu, Jim Z., Patrick Bridges: Go on Go: The Analyzed Games of Go Seigen (1993) [link]*
* indicates free to download